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ADL is more than cutting-edge technology and forward thinking. We bridge the gap between intentions and actions with a commitment to execute. Our promise to you is the reason for our success and it drives us forward in every decision we make.  We’re so confident in our people and our processes, that we’ve developed technology allowing you to take the journey with your cargo, assuring that promise is kept, every step of the way.

Nationwide Services for All Your Shipping Needs

Spanning from coast to coast, American Diamond Logistics caters to all of your your shipping requirements, no matter what the scale or destination. Our nationwide services handle your logistics requirements with the utmost efficiency, and your shipments arrive on time, every time, from the bustling cities to rural towns. Trust in our expansive network to cover all your shipping needs across the country and in any situation.

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Whether you're seeking an innovative career path, a dynamic learning environment, or a respected professional community, we have a career opportunity to fit your professional goals.

ADL offers great benefits,  an innovative environment and plenty of industry experts to learn from. Review our job opportunities and  include us in your career journey. We’ll support your drive for success.

ADL presents a range of secure, hassle-free, and reliable options for full truckload freight.
ADL is your trusted partner for seamless Domestic LTL shipping. With comprehensive nationwide coverage, our super-regional LTL shipping offers competitive pricing and transit times for efficient inter- and intra-regional freight shipments.
When time is critical, our Expedited Services ensure your cargo reaches its destination promptly and precisely. We align with your timelines and deadlines, so urgent loads arrive when you need them to.
From Global Freight Solutions to Import/Export Compliance, ADL is your partner for seamless international shipping.

Reach your destination 100% sure and safe

Get a rate quote for your shipment with our quick-fill quote form, or contact our customer service team directly at 817-337-6700.

Explore Our Network

Step into ADL's expansive network that spans across the globe. With locations strategically placed in key regions, we ensure comprehensive coverage and accessibility for your logistical needs. From bustling urban hubs to remote industrial zones, our diverse presence guarantees efficient solutions and seamless connections. Discover the advantage of working with ADL, and leverage our worldwide footprint to elevate your supply chain to new heights.

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Los Angeles, CA

+1 817-337-6700

Rockville, Maryland, United States of America

Sacramento, CA

+1 817-337-6700

Miami, Florida, United States of America

Charlotte, NC

+1 817-337-6700

Omaha, Nebraska, United States of America

Las Vegas, NV

+1 817-337-6700

San Diego, California, United States of America

Fort Worth, TX

+1 817-337-6700

15277 N Fwy Suite 100, Fort Worth, TX 76177

Houston, TX

+1 817-337-6700

15277 N Fwy Suite 100, Fort Worth, TX 76177

Tampa, FL

+1 817-337-6700

Scottsville, KY 42164, Statele Unite ale Americii

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What is ADL's coverage area for FTL's?

We cover any lane throughout the entire continental 48 states, Canada and Mexico.

Can ADL handle refrigerated and flatbed trucks?

Yes, and we have thousands of partner carriers across the country to help on just about any lane or any temperature on refrigerated loads.

Does ADL handle dedicated drop trailer programs?

Yes! ADL currently has several dedicated drop trailer lanes with numerous clients across the US and into Canada. This is a unique niche for us, and service levels are very high in these scenarios.

How does ADL's TMS benefit clients and vendors?

ADL’s transportation management system, NavigatorTMS, is a web based TMS designed to provide our clients performance reviews through “Customer Scorecards”, while also holding our vendors accountable through “Carrier Scorecards”. In addition, each sales representative is equipped with an iPad that allows them to be tied into our system at all times. In many cases this allows the rep to provide rates on the spot, make pertinent changes to any current shipment, and access historical data.

Can ADL handle intermodal shipments?

Yes, we have accounts set up with the railroads.

Can ADL handle project management?

Yes and we can setup on-site ADL personnel on any projects large enough that require it.

What is the standard lead time that ADL needs to provide coverage?

We can accommodate any customers’ requirements. Our clients make the rules, we play by them!

How quickly can ADL provide a rate when a request for quotes is sent in?

On a single lane quote rates can be provided in as quickly as 15 minutes or less. On multiple lane requests, we will meet or exceed the client’s expectation.

How is ADL tied into FreightTracer and NavigatorTMS?

ADL is an approved reseller of FreightTracer. Please call us for a free demo! NavigatorTMS is our internal business management system, and is also a unique selling tool with all the reports and tools.

Does ADL offer Quick Pay to our carriers?

Yes, our quick pay program is a 4% fee, and invoices are paid within 3 days of receiving the freight bill and POD.

How quickly can carriers get set up with ADL and how do they get set up?

Within minutes! Under the carriers tab on our website, select “ADL Carrier Enrollment” and enter the password given from an ADL operations personnel. Our packet will come up available to print or download, then fill out required fields and send back W9 and current insurance along with the filled out packet and we will handle the rest!